• Travel News

    If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail! This means do your homework and research before you travel. Follow travel news agencies to make sure you are about to head to a safe travel destination. On many occasions, your travel experience can be less than friendly if you are headed into a region in political, financial or economical turmoil.

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  • Travel Insurance

    Is travel insurance a scam? Is it really necessary? What are the pro's and con's? There are dozens of questions surrounding travel insurance, and we'll provide the no-BS answers. Our advice on travel insurance is unbiased. Our recommendations and opinions are nuetral, do not sell or promote any specific insurance providers. You can trust that we're giving you our best advice.

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  • Travel Tours

    Are travel tours good? Is it better to travel with a tour group or alone? We'll look at some pro's and con's, and let you decide for yourself based on your own travel style.

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  • Travel Agencies

    You've picked a destination and chosen your dates for travel, now it's time to book! Should you book online yourself or use a travel agent? Is it more expensive to use a travel agent or booking online yourself? We'll explore some pro's and con's, and try to separate myth from fact. If you're going to travel, you'll enjoy your trip a lot more if you know you got a good flight and hotel deal!

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Travel Inspiration

Looking to travel off the beaten path? In search of some great travel destinations around the world? We'll help you discover a mix of some of the best hidden gems, popular favorites, luxury, and budget destinations available.

The Best Group Travel Tour Operators

G Adventures

On a G Adventures trip nothing is ordinary. There are only unbelievable places to see, amazing people to meet, adventurous things to do and adrenaline pumping activities to participate in. No matter what your choice of destination is, this travel company helps you look at the sights from a whole new perspective, uncover the hidden charms and discover new things about the place that make your trip a complete experience. Stepping off the beaten track is what they do especially well and this is what makes G Adventures a perfect choice for those who want a cleverly orchestrated sneak peek into the true color, vibrancy and life of the world’s best loved vacation spots.
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Intrepid Travel

Intrepid was founded in 1989 by Darrel and Manch who, inspired by their own impromptu tip truck sight seeing road tour of Africa, came up with a novel way to introduce some of the world’s most magnificent locations to tourists like themselves. Today, Intrepid is one of the world’s most innovative adventure travel companies with several awards to its name including the Tour Radar ‘Most Amazing Tour in Africa’ award. At Intrepid what you get are not holiday tours but life changing experiences.
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Contiki specializes in guided tours for people between 18-35-years-old. They offer travel packages across the world that include the best deals to be had in accommodation, flight and local transport , food and other attractions at very affordable prices. Many of Contiki's travel packages are based on themes and areas of specific interest such as entertainment, religion and spiritualism, art and history, food, college trips and more. You can choose from among these fields of interest and explore their trails with people who share your enthusiasm for them.
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Tucan Travel

Specializing in Central and South American tours, Tucan Travel is an experienced tour operator offering genuine worldwide travel experiences.
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Travel can be expensive, which is why it's important to shop for the best flight and hotel deals available. We'll help point you in the right direction and offer advice on good hotel and flight booking websites as well as local and global travel agencies.

Save Money on Travel Using GROUPON!

Although you've probably heard of GROUPON, you may not have known that they have great travel deals, including low hotel rates and cheap airfare for destinations all over the world.

Travel News and Advisories

Find news, information and advisories on your travel destination. Find out what the weather and political climate is like so that you have peace of mind you're not walking into a storm. Don't get caught in a country under civil or political unrest - be sure to read current travel news and advisories while considering travel to any destination around the globe.

"This website was created to offer neutral, unbiased travel opinions and reviews to aid fellow travellers. We are not affiliated with any hotels, airlines, cruises, tour operators or travel agencies. We simply want to help you make an informed travel decision in hopes that you have a great experience."

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